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Text Box:      I'm a third generation caner, with over 25 years experience, born and raised in the Lakes Region.  I learned how to do chair caning from the best, my Mother.  Growing up my mother had her own caning business, and as kids my sister and I both learned from a very early age, the dieing art of chair caning.  As my mothers business grew, the more we helped, and not always willing!  Now I'm following in her footsteps, my 4 kids and husband are learning to help me, and still not always willing!  I was able to put my self through college by working with my mother doing chairs and teaching caning classes.  I continued teaching and helping mom, till I started up two of my own businesses Perfect Party and Jolly Jumpers. 
      I started Robyn's Chair Caning about  6 years ago, any one who owns a business in the Lakes Region knows winters can be very very long.  To my surprise Robyn's Chair Caning has taken off.  With the other business up and running, I now have more time to devote to the chairs.  Robyn's Chair Caning is based out of my business Perfect Party home of Jolly Jumpers, 270 RT 25, Meredith NH 03253.  I realize it may seem odd going to the party store to get your chair done, but ask anyone around where to get a chair recaned, and they will tell you the party store down the road.  
    I do several types of Caning, Splints, Fiber Rush, Pressed Cane, Shaker Tapes, Hand Caning and Pre-twisted Natural Rush.  All work is done on site, nothing is shipped out!  As anyone who has ever tried to cane knows that it is very tedious, time consuming, and very hard on your hands!  All chairs are done in the order that they arrive.  During the off season usually a 2-3 week turn around time if the materials are in stock.  I do a lot of work for antique dealers and furniture repairers.  My work has gone all over the United States, as far away as Alaska (yes, mom I finally beat your record of Nevada!)











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Robyn Ross

16 Moulton ST

Laconia, NH 03246